The Homer-Center Elementary School strives to maintain an educational setting that is safe, secure, and free from student harassment, also known as bullying.  The school will not tolerate unlawful harassment of any type, nor conduct that constitutes bullying.


Students are made aware of our no bullying/violence rules through lessons conducted yearly in grade kindergarten through six.  Rules and consequences are reviewed and are posted in classrooms and throughout the building.

Parents will be notified, and repeated occurrences or a severe infraction, may lead to suspension.  A parent conference will be necessary before a child is reinstated in school.

Rules for Bully-Proofing Our School
  1. We will not bully other students.
  2. We will help others who are being bullied by speaking out and getting help.
  3. We will use extra effort to include "ALL students" in activities at our school.
Consequences of Bullying
  1. Verbal warning to the students
  2. Written warning
  3. Parent conference
  4. Student is suspended