Dear Homer-Center Families and Community Members,

The teachers of Homer-Center Elementary School have taken on a new and exciting project.  It is our job as educators to enhance the lives of our students and provide as many opportunities for them as possible.  We have created a committee called “4 the kids” of teachers that will be planning a variety of activities throughout the school year.  The purpose of these activities will be to raise funds that will directly benefit the students of Homer-Center Elementary School.

It is our goal to raise enough money through a variety of small activities, spirit days, contests, and holiday projects to provide enrichment and extension activities through guest speakers, and assemblies.  This committee will also use grant writing opportunities to enhance programs, playground equipment, and student materials for widespread uses.

It would be wonderful if this fundraising effort would invigorate our children and breathe life into our lessons and school routine.  We want our students to have the same opportunities and experiences as those in surrounding districts.  Learning goes far beyond the walls of our classroom and our children are in need of exposure to make connections with the outside world that they may never have the chance to do otherwise.

This community is a kind and giving community and we thank you in advance for your support with our “4 the kids” effort!