Targeted Assistance

LEA and Targeted Assistance School Assurances

  1. The Title I resources will be used to help participating students identified through multiple criteria indicators.
  2. The Title I and district staff will implement teaching strategies and approaches focusing on the improvement of student learning outcomes.
  3. The Title I and district staff will coordinate their efforts to provide a curriculum meeting the needs of participating students. The in-class model will be initiated as a means to minimize the removal of students from the regular classroom.
  4. The Title I and district staff will use weekly correspondence sheets and meet as much as possible to design effective programs for participating students.
  5. The staff consists of individuals meeting the qualifications established by PDE for the implementation of a Title I Program.
  6. The LEA will provide opportunities for professional development to the staff working with participating children. (Title I and district)
  7. The LEA will provide opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s educational experience – back to school night, parent/teacher conferences, newsletters, PTA meetings, and volunteer programs.
  8. The LEA will use available resources effectively to assure the success of participating students in meeting PDE’s Chapter V requirements.
  9. The LEA will review the learning outcome/assessments for participating students to determine their effectiveness on a yearly (fall/spring) basis. Difficulties in meeting the performance standards will result in measures to improve the quality of the educational program.
  10. The LEA assures that the Title I staff assigned duties beyond classroom instruction, not benefiting participating students, will spend the same proportion of time performing such duties as similar personnel not paid from Title I funds.
  11. A parent involvement policy for Title I has been designed and will be implemented to enhance the home/school connection.
  12. Parents will have an opportunity to participate in several meetings throughout the school year. An evaluation will be completed by parents to assess the effectiveness of Title I meetings/conferences.
  13. Parents will receive a Title I progress report for each nine week marking period. Additionally, parents will be updated on assessment results at parent/teacher conferences.
  14. The curriculum, assessment instruments, and performance standards will be closely evaluated as the LEA’s strategic plan evolves.
  15. The LEA will redefine a plan outlining the responsibilities of parents, the school staff, and students for the improvement of achievement as the strategic plan evolves
  16. The strategic planning process will incorporate parents and community members as an integral part of the effort.
  17. The LEA will utilize available resources as well as those of outside agencies to allow participation on Title I parents with limited English proficiency of disabilities.